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Why don't I see the button add to cart?

The add to cart button appear once you are to logged in

When I try to complete order the message no shipment method matches?

Contact us, please specify your country, we continue to update our system

Questions About Uber Decals

Who are you, and how long have you been in business?

Uber Decals is a group of graphic designers dedicated to the manufacture of decorative stickers for cars, with retail and online shipping worldwide.

We have over 10 years of experience in the graphic design area and continue for more.

Who are you, and How long have you been in business?

What is is our professional online store where you will find a variety of stickers specifically for your car, truck, SUV and many more!

Uber Decals offers a wide range of replica decals most automotive makes and models of professional quality, durability and low cost.

Why should I purchase my vinyl graphics from you?

In short, we offer professional automotive decals of the leaders in the industry at prices below the competition.

How much shipping, and How quickly I get my products?

We normally say to allow 2 - 3 days for us to manufacturing and hand pack your order, but if you want to be send to the next work day of receiving your purchase must indicate it through a "note on paypal" and send you a $5 US extra charge. There is a deadline for guaranteeing next day manufacturing, all orders must be placed by midnight. This does not apply to special orders, custom colors, etc., may take a little longer. The shipping time from when the product leaves our offices depend on shipping service hired.

What about international shipping?

We do offer international shipping, and rates are quoted per item at checkout. Of course international shipping takes a little longer, , and the cost varies by location.

Why are vinyl colors shown only a simulation of the actual vinyl color? And can I purchase a color chart?

Due to individual variations in monitor color settings, colors may not be accurately represented to you in our online color chart pictures. The colors shown are a representation of the actual vinyl color to be used as a reference only. You can see the available colors by clicking here.

Where can most of these vinyl graphics be applied?

Our decals can be applied to any car, it is recommended that the esecificado by make and model.

But vinyl can be applied to any smooth flat surface of: steel, aluminum, brass, wood, cardboard, magnetic film, foam core, plastic, chloroplasts, and glass. And of course the side of your car, truck, van, SUV, trailer, etc.. These graphics can be installed on more than automobile & truck applications, doors, window displays, guitars cases, golf carts, pools, motorcycles and boats.

Can you make a custom order? You don't have a style I need . . .

Yes, we can, feel free to contact us if you need more information or a customized decals.

Can I call you? I want to talk to you in person . . .

Because of our schedule, we can not offer telephone support or personnel. We have just enough time to respond to emails in the order they are received, always within 8 business hours.

We respond personally to every email question, comments or concerns we receive, so Favro contact us through contact and leave your e-mail correctly so we can contact you!.

HOW often do you have sale prices?

We may have overstocks or clearance items, and we are passing the discounts on to you! Look for them weekly, monthly, or maybe yearly, but they are coming when you least expect it!

Will you price mathc? I've found a better price . . .

Some retailers and internet stores have inventory that has been sitting in storage for years, and there is a shelf life for vinyl graphics. We maintain a fresh supply of vinyl available, and most are printed to order. So you get the latest articles, with the fastest shipping, best price spent with you. Ask yourself, is the subject of a reliable source? Do you have years of experience in the industry? Is it even new? Email us the link if you find a cheaper price for your confidence, and can even beat the price

Must I make an account to purchase? Because I'm ready to BUY NOW!

Yes, you must create an account to purchase.

What else can you tell me about vinyl graphics?

We understand that you might have more questions about our products, especially in the installation. However, you can find files for proper installation on our website or opt always clear all your doubts by e-mail.

Questions About Vinyl Graphics and Installation

Do I get both sides of the vinyl graphic?

Yes! In some cases, some products showing only part of a vehicle, get the two equal. In some cases only sold one sticker. Please read the item description for full details.

Are vinyl graphics easy to install?

Yes! Most kits can be installed by one person, or in case of large and may involve more than one person. If you have no experience, please do as much research as possible about installing vinyl graphics, or find a qualified professional in your area.

You can see step by step instructions in general clicking here If you have any questions about the installation, contact us!

What installation tools will I need if I decide to install myself?

A stiff plastic squeegee and a sharp razor knife. You may wish to make a wetting solution–one drop of dish soap to one quart of water–so you can lift the kit back up during installation to remove large air bubbles or just to make adjustments as needed. Use a clean spray bottle but don't use too much soap, one drop per quart is plenty. Some pro installers like to install kits dry since there is no drying time before you can remove the premask, and they have the experience needed to avoid air bubbles and placement problems. It is recommended that you do a wet installation on kits 40" and larger. The smaller 'mini' kits should be installed dry.

Do vinyl graphics damage the paint job?

Not at all! Vinyl films today are designed to be removed if desired. We have customers who change their kits often for a new look, and have no problem removing the kit. Please see below for details on how to remove vinyl graphics.

Can vinyl graphics be removed, or are they permanent?

Viny graphic kits can easily be removed within the first year, but after that you may need to heat them up with a blow dryer (not a heat gun) to make it easier to remove them. The graphics are considered permanent since they are manufactured and tested to last for years in normal outdoor elements but can be removed at any time.

Can I move the vinyl graphic to a different position after installation?

Kits can be repositioned during installation if installed wet, but they can not be re-used once they have been installed! So get it right the first time, or please be prepared to buy another kit. That's why the instructions suggest that you do a "dry fit" first. Place the entire unopened kit on the vehicle with some masking tape to hold in place, and move it around until you are happy with the position. Then make reference points for the corners of the kit with masking tape on the car. When you remove the kit and begin the installation, you can place the kit back on your corner marks to make sure it's exactly where you want it.

Can I have a professional install the vinyl graphic for me?

Yes! Since you only get one chance to do it right, many people choose professional installation as an option. There are thousands of professional graphics installers located in your country! In your area, local sign shops dealing with vinyl, window tint shops, and restyling shops would be happy to help you with installation for a small fee.

How can I avoid pulling the vinyl back up when I remove the transfer?

The transfer is a clear layer on top of the kit which allows the kit to keep its shape when you place it on a vehicle, and in most cases allows you to "see" what the graphic will look like on your vehicle. When you begin installation you will apply even pressure with a squeegee onto the vehicle, right through the transfer layer. When the graphic is evenly placed on the vehicle, you will remove the transfer. Please wait at least 15 minutes before removing the transfer layer if you have used a "wet" installation method. When begin to remove the transfer, PULL SLOWLY! Pull evenly and slowly at a 45 degree angle to avoid lifting the kit.